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Linux Game: LBreakout2

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Lbreakout2 is a fun arcade game, where you use a paddle to reflect balls, aiming at bricks in the air. Like many other games of its type, Lbreakout features many power-ups and downs, brick types, and other great bonuses. It is a great starter game and comes with many distributions. The file size is pretty small.


The gameplay is very simple. You control a paddle, which can move horizontally back and forth with your mouse or keyboard, through which, you fire balls in order to destroy bricks. It's very easy to get frustrated because you will often miss the ball “just by a hair”. There are many levels, and many other options. All of them are fun. Included in the game is also an easy to use level editor.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are good. Everything is textured and appropriately detailed. The audio is good, including bouncing and hitting sound effects.

Special Feature

The best part of Lbreakout2 is the amount of effects included. Bonuses fall out of blocks when the blocks are being destroyed. The player can catch the bonuses by moving the paddle under to catch them. There are good bonuses, such as the great “extra ball” and “ground under paddle” effects, which help you win. On the other hand, the “bad bonuses”, such as the “fast ball” and the “lights off” effects, can make the playing confusing. After piling up on bonuses, I often have about 30 or 40 balls, and a wall under me keeping me from loosing the balls I miss. With that many balls, bonuses will be raining down on you, which makes it hard to distinguish the good from the bad. There is, however, this special kind of bonus, which I call the “good-bonuses-absorbing bonus”. For about 20 seconds after you catch it, it makes good bonuses move diagonally toward you as they are falling down. Of course, you should avoid the “bad-bonuses-absorbing bonus”, or you will be experiencing the opposite effect.

Bottom Line

You should definitely try Lbreakout2 if you are into arcade games. It offers just about everything one would expect from this type of game, from great effects to a great level editor. A good time-killer.
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