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Linux Game: Nexuiz

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

This game is basically your everyday FPS (first person shooter) game. Like Quake and Unreal Tournament, it has intense fighting using different weapons. It also requires great strategies, such as having your team cover every entrance in a room, then killing enemy after enemy at ease. The game is greatly detailed, with decent graphics, game play, and audio.


The weapons are great, sufficient to blast other players. Movement is as easy as ever, allowing you to quickly run away from enemies, and use hit-and-run tactics to kill your foes. There is also a great campaign featuring smart AI.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are good, fully textured and 3D. Nothing feels out of place. The audio is present at all time, ranging from machine gun rattling to loud echoing sniper shots. You will like the feel of the game, unless, of course, you find no humor in the strange looking character faces.

Special Feature

The best part of many FPS games is the graphic quality. The details you find in the units, weapons, bullets, and terrain in Nexuiz is great. Of course, if you have an older computer, the graphics will have to go down in order to keep the game going at a decent pace. I warn people with very old computers not to try this game, because the game, first of all, is not 100 percent stable. Your computer, if old enough, can crash immediately upon opening the game.

Bottom Line

If you like fast-paced shooters, Nexuiz is for you. You will be impressed by the graphics, audio, and gameplay. Just remember that you should have a new computer in order to run this on high quality. It's so basic that it's fun. It is a free game.
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