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Linux Game: PlaneShift

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Planeshift is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing) game, where you make a new life in a fantasy world. All the details are real-life-like, but the world is completely new and wondrous. You can socialize with others, fight enemies, and form clans


Like many MMORPG, PlaneShift allows you to customize your character. However, unlike most MMORPGS, you can customize many things about your character that would never have been considered in most other games. You can enter all types of details such as birth date, ancestry, and even your path in life as a shadowy thief or a holy paladin. No matter what you choose, you can find friends, and even enemies.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are great. Everything is fully animated and in 3D. Everything has a mystical detail that really amazes the player. The music is satisfactory, and the sound effects are good. I would say that this game is great for people looking for a detailed MMORPG.

Special Feature

If you just took a look at the screenshots of PlaneShift, you would be amazed. They are perfect, with details like faint light and rust all included. Crystals are wonderfully shiny, and the lighting effects are very realistic. There are many well-made things to impress you in this awesome game, and I dare say that the graphics will amaze you most. There aren't many games as detailed as this.

Bottom Line

This is definitely a game to try for any fans of Runescape or other major MMORPGs. It has everything from fully customizable characters to mystical graphics. The only setback is the lag that often annoys players. Remember, this game is made for higher-end computers. Make sure you have plenty of processing power before running this game. Other than the occasional lag, this can be a MMORPG fan’s dream-coming-true kind of game.
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