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Linux Game: Shotgun Debugger

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

In Shotgun Debugger, you play the game of a hacker. The story starts when one day your character attempts to hack into a high-security government computer. After turning on his stealth, he hacks into the mainframe. While he approaches the one hundred percent hacked mark, his computer shows an emergency alert. His hack has been seen, and his house is surrounded by the security personnel. That is when your job starts. To continue the story, you must try the game for yourself.


The gameplay of Shotgun Debugger is good. You are a hacker who is trying to escape. You pick up guns, and fire them at enemies using some unconventional controls. There will be many enemies, from unarmed security guards, to massive blasting cannons, to kamikaze droids that run after you the second they see you. When they get close, they explode, causing you intense damage. That’s why you must fight them off first, using a gun from your arsenal of weapons.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are pretty good, with a top-down, 3D view of everything. There isn't much texturing. The audio has some fitting techno music, which makes the game feel very real. It adds to the suspense supplied by the gameplay.

Special Feature

The cool part of this game is the level design. You will have to be figuring out how to escape the guards. But no, you don’t just run like crazy or shoot your ammo dry mindlessly. For example, in the first mission, you will have to edge around the crashed police car and go into the other person’s property, cross over to the next house, and then escape through the broken fence. If you don't do it correctly, you will crash into the police car and you will be immediately captured by the line of guards.

Bottom Line

I don't really know to whom to recommend this game, because it is a good game for fans of a number of game genres. It is a mix of a shooter game and an exploring game. Though its not good enough to actually simulate fear, it can get you some shaky feelings as you read and play along with the story.
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