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Linux Game: Super Mario War

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Many people have befriended Mario and his friend Luigi long before the PC game even existed. Super Mario War is a PC version of the popular Gameboy and Playstation game. It is packed with maps, game modes, and characters, giving you everything Mario-related that you would ever want. It includes a level editor, along with many other interesting items. This game is free of charge.


There are so many customizable features in this game. With about 150 maps to play with, the fun is endless. Don't like the way the AI keeps beating you? Play with one of you friends, and you may kick butt! Don't like the classical Mario characters? No problem. Your can choose characters from other old popular games. Think your one-man team needs help? Just add a CPU or human player, and you have the game going. All types of bonuses are included, from hammers to fireballs, to invincibility stars. The game supports up to four players, whether you want to play with other CPUs, real people, or maybe even a combination. Of course, with four people playing on the same computer, your fingers will be getting entwined on the keyboard! It includes a fully functioning level editor, allowing you create new landscapes with the same capabilities of the original developer of the game.

Graphics and Audio

Judging the quality of the graphics is a subjective mater. While some people will be disappointed by the old, blocky graphics, most other fans will be impressed by the fact that these graphics are the exact same as they were in Mario, the popular Gameboy and Playstation game. The audio quality is great, with the Mario music included, along with all the original Mario sounds. The game feels exactly like the classical Mario game, except with a great addition of maps, characters, and features.

Special Feature

The best part of Super Mario War is that it allows multiple players on the same PC. If you have a friend, sibling, or parent to play with, you may have a double good time. Play with the AI is a bit too hard, in my opinion. You will always know which character is yours, because of your team color and your character’s unique features. For example, you can have a team of a red dragon and a green ghost against a yellow Mario and a red turtle creature. If you can get your whole family on it, you can create a tournament, where you are fighting multiple games, trying to win the tournament. You can be on a team with one of your friends, against two other friends, or any other arrangement you desire.

Bottom Line

Super Mario War is truly a classic remake, a must for any Mario fan. But even if you are not so crazy about Mario, you may enjoy other characters in the game. It's a quick download, which is amazing because it includes a huge amount maps, and of course a whole bunch of other features. And, again, playing this one can turn into a group or family activity.
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