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Linux Game: TORCS

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

TORCS is a game that lets racing fans drive modern racecars. The gameplay is pretty basic, with the up and down keys being acceleration and deceleration, and the side arrows being the turn keys. You race against other “bots”, which have different minds, some more aggressive and others just focusing on not crashing into the sides of the track.


The gameplay is very basic, and similar to most other racing games. You drive around by using your arrow keys. You can ram other cars to the sides of the track, or you can just get in front of another car and wait for it to crash into you. The hardest part is getting around a sharp turn, because you have to ram the brakes down hard and then do a 120-degree spin. Of course there will be sound effects for your tires getting scraped, and all that other great stuff.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are very good for a racing game, with everything in 3D. All the cars that came with the game are highly detailed. There are many more cars to download from the Internet. The audio is satisfactory with sound effects for everything from acceleration to ramming other cars. Please note, there is no in-game music. (So don't wait for the music to come up.)

Special Feature

The cool part about TORCS is that people are constantly creating new “bots”, which are sets of AI that control other cars. If you are good at coding, you can make your own bots and publish them for others to download. You can make bots that concentrate on ramming other cars, or maybe even have some fun and make one that would go backwards on the track.

Bottom Line

The game is a definite yes for racing fans. It is a big attraction to coders as well, because they can publish smart new bots. There are also a few 3D designers for this game, who are making new cars that have brought smiles to the faces of many gamers.
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