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Linux Game: Think Tanks

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

This game is great for all ages! It can be played in a multi-player or single-player mode. You control a tank with a brain capsule attached on top. Your goal is to destroy other thanks. Everything is great, from gameplay to graphics. If you don't feel like spending money on the full version, then at least try the demo, because this may one of the best 3D multi-player shooting games ever existed!


The gameplay is fun. In the full version, you have a choice of three tanks: The light and speedy tank, your all-round medium tank, and the huge and heavy assault tank. Just remember that the bigger it is, the slower it runs. There are all types of terrains, from grassy hills to deserts. Also, there are all types of special boosts on the field, including the awesome “jump” boost. If you are the light tank and drive at a decent speed, you will travel over a nice expanse of space. There is also a “speed” boost, which pushes you forward with a sudden burst, allowing you to outrun enemies. Just be careful not to drive over a boost accidentally, because it can seriously mess you up. Once your tank breaks down because of critical damage, the brain capsule fires out on jets its own, escaping death. The game feels a lot like a fight in the air, because almost every moment is spend by you trying to get behind enemies. If you are in front of your enemy and running away, it is pretty much impossible to hit your enemy.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are very good. Everything is textured nicely. Your tank has all types of details, and the trees look pretty good. Deserts look like deserts, while forests look, well, like real forests. The audio is also good, with occasional music to hype you up, and satisfactory sound effects to lighten up the game. This game is very well developed in terms of graphics and audio.

Special Feature

The best part of Think Tanks, in my opinion, is the bonuses. Often, you will stumble over a pile of bouncing balls, which you will automatically load up in your tank. These balls, as the name suggests, can bounce, unlike the normal cannon shots. This allows you to send swarms of little bouncy balls chasing enemies. If you ever stumble over any bonuses, pick them up immediately and try them out.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend the full version Think Tanks to those who like 3D highly detailed multi-player games. Of course, if you don't want to pay the price (20 dollars) for the full version, you can always try the free demo, which includes a fully working tutorial, the multi-player mode, and the medium tank at your disposal.
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