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Linux Game: Tremulous

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Tremulous is a fast-paced FPS (first person shooter) game. However, the gameplay is unlike most other FPS games because not only do you get to pick whether you want to be a human or an alien, but there are also other customizations allowed. If you are a human, you can upgrade your armor, improving both your looks and your battle skills. If you are an alien, you can upgrade your body, starting out as a small innocent looking spider, and later becoming a huge 10-foot tall and 8-legged horror.


The gameplay is very original. If you are a human, you have guns and all that futuristic technology that most FPSs have. If you choose the alien path, you try to charge close to enemies and give them a painful death with your poisonous bite or sharp legs. The weapons are satisfactory with all the basic guns you would expect. Movement is as easy as ever, allowing you to quickly run away from enemies, and use hit-and-run tactics to kill your foes.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are great, with everything fully textured and 3D. Sometimes, if you are near the alien spawn, you will see blood or green juice covering the walls that gives the gamers a nasty feel. Nothing is out of place or left blank, especially the people with their coo-looking armor. The audio, on the other hand, is barely satisfactory, with a few sound effects and fewer details, which barely scrapes a mark.

Special Feature

The best part of this game is the huge difference between aliens and humans. While humans just keep firing into doorways, the smaller quicker aliens quickly avoid the gunfire, and a few seconds later the defenders are all on the ground moaning. Then the massive “tanker” aliens come in to clean it up, only to be blasted away neatly by a new row of gunmen. The game progresses continuously in patterns similar to this, but this is in no way boring or pointless.

Bottom Line

If you like fast-paced shooters, this free game probably will appeal to you. Even if you are not an FPS fan, you may even be impressed by the gameplay. If you choose the path of the human, you start vulnerable and armorless, but later you will be a bulky, machine-gun wielding warrior. The aliens, start as weak spiders, and later have massive, terrorizing creatures with big claws.
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