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Linux Game: Vandetta Online

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Vandetta Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (aka. MMORPG). You have the choice of joining three different teams. Each one has its own construction style, space ship options, and team history. You interact with others, working on various tasks such as mining, or just cruising around destroying enemy ships.


The gameplay is very unique, with all the space controls you can imagine. You can roll, dive, and strafe easily, as well as fire plasma blasts and missiles. Teaming up with friends you can, in addition to fight down enemy ships, engage in just about any other task imaginable in a space world. For example, you can open up jump gates, which “jump” or warp you into different sectors, just like in Star Trek and Andromeda.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics can be spectacular, depending on your system. As long as you can run it on you computer, you will be amazed by the crystal clear graphics. The music and sound effects are pretty good, too, with crashing, ramming, laser-firing, exploding, and all other types of sounds included. The music automatically fits your current surroundings -- blasting techno while in hostile territory; calm and futuristic while casually mining asteroids.

Special Feature

The coolest part of this game is the gameplay. To me, it feels new to be able to roll upside down for the first time. For a few seconds, it feels like you are actually upside down. But soon your brain will adjust and all will feel normal again. In your first combat mission, for example, you would often have to trail enemy mining bots, and due to their size, their high maneuverability would force you to roll and turn and fire like crazy. There is a very useful targeting system, which I admit overusing. That is, simply by firing in to the yellow cross hair while targeting an enemy, you should hit it, assuming it takes no sudden sharp turns. The aiming system takes into consideration both your own current movement speed and direction, and those of your enemy's. When an enemy is moving at a far distance from you, the targeting system will automatically set up a huge lead, calculating how much time it will take your blast to travel, and where you enemy will be after that time. It looks and feels very cool, because there will be this huge curve of blasts, landing exactly on the enemy.

Bottom Line

I gave this a five-out-of-five rating. But I assume that the likings of this game will vary among gamers. Some may want a lot more action or more ground combats. Others may wish for a simpler gameplay. In general though, if you were a Star Wars, Star Trek, or Andromeda fan, you’d say that this is a great simulation. Just imagine for a minute, that you are a pilot and you try to make a living in many different ways, including bounty hunting, trading, and delivery service. Occasionally, you will be meeting other ships, ranging from sleek pirate ships to gigantic motherboard capital ships. That’s a cool job!
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