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Linux Game: Vega Strike

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

This space MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is free and open source. It has a great single player mode for exploring the highly realistic physics engine and space ship models. The game features some very futuristic themes, like the 3D map and an awesome HUD (Heads Up Display) that will inform you of your spaceship’s hull strength. Of course, you will instantly know when your spaceship is damaged when seeing the realistic sparks on the windshield.


The gameplay is quite complex. For me, it took three tries docking at a motherboard ship to get it right. The first time, I crashed into one of its wings before I even got near the docking port. The second time, I got my wing jammed into the side of the port, which caused me to swing around, slamming my cockpit right into a securing beam. Of course, with practice comes success. Eventually, docking was nothing more than a chore. You get near the hole, shut your engines off, and use your secondary engines to edge toward the hole. As you get closer, you switch on the external camera, and carefully protect your wing tips from getting damage. As you advance up the food chart, and get a larger ship, docking eventually gets harder. Of course, docking is only one example of the many complexities of Vega Strike. You also have to do many other things, from fighting pirate ships to carefully dodging through asteroids.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics can be spectacular. As long as your system is sufficient to run the game, you will be amazed by the crystal clear graphics. The music and sound effects are pretty good, too, with crashing, ramming, laser-firing, exploding, and all other types of sounds included. The music occasionally tunes in, allowing you to relax as you cruise through space.

Special Feature

The coolest part of Vega Strike is the way it is influenced by many movies. You have all the warp speed, jump drive, and laser beam technology ever used by the entertainment industry. Simply by pressing [A] in stable space, your jump drive turns on and stars around you turn into stripes. As it accelerates, various planets, mother ships, asteroids, and other objects zip past you.

Bottom Line

You should definitely try this if you are a fan of movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars, or anything else involving spaceships of all sizes in space fighting, merchandizing, and exploring. The physics is very realistic, and it feels a lot like flying an actual spaceship. Just one slight crash into a mothership causes damage, and just one hit from a space pirate sends sparks flying all over the place.
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