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Linux Game: X-Plane

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

X-Plane is a flight simulator. Guided by a virtual “map” of the earth, you can take off from and land in 18,000 airports around the planet. You can pick from an assortment of default planes. But even more fun is designing your own planes. The details of the earth are amazing. Expect to see familiar landmarks in your hometown! Also included is a realistic model of Mars open for you to air cruise.


The gameplay is probably targeted for adults, because no military aspects have been included. It will still catch a kid’s attention, probably just not for too long. After learning the complicated flying controls, you will have quite a bit of fun flying around the world. Creators of X-Plane claims that it is one of the worlds best flight simulators. I agree, to the extend of my gaming experience.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are fantastic beyond words. Just check out the screenshots on the official website. The audio has all the soaring, rushing, landing, and even exploding sounds needed for a flight simulator. Both the graphics and the audio are first rated. No annoying music or cheap graphics to disappoint you.

Special Feature

The best part of the X-Plane is creating your own planes. When you build a plane using a 3D editor, and upload it into the game, a program using a special formula to figure out how an object like that will fly. It breaks down each part, and tests various forces on it, such as aerodynamics. This way, you won't have to go through the trouble of placing the engines and setting how many of them you want and all that other complicated stuff.

Bottom Line

The price of X-Plane is a whopping 50 U.S. Dollars, plus another 10 dollars for shipping and handling. Of course, as with most other games that aren't free, there is a free demo, which you really owe yourself a try.
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