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Linux Software: Web Servers

The following is a selection of Web/HTTP servers that run under the Linux operating system. Those with free versions (indicated as [Free]) are listed before commercial programs. Note: Freeware and GNU Library General Public License often come with restrictions. Users should check copyright and licensing statements from the developers.

AOLserver [Free]
Used as the web server for AOL in the world’s most heavily-used production environment, AOLserver is suitable for large scale web sites. Platform: Linux / Unix.

Apache [Free]
Apache, the most popular web server in the world. Platform: Linux / Unix, Windows.

Boa Webserver [Free]
Boa is a single-tasking HTTP server. Because it does not fork for each incoming connection or fork copies of itself to handle multiple connections like traditional web servers do, it is fast and secure. Platform: Linux, FreeBSD.

CERN httpd [Free]
CERN httpd (also called W3C httpd) a generic public domain full-featured hypertext server which can be used as a regular HTTP server. Platform: Linux / Unix.

CL-HTTP [Free]
CL-HTTP is a full-featured, object-oriented HTTP server that comes complete with source code. It was developed in the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and currently has versions that run on UNIX, MAC, Lisp Machine and Windows.

IBM HTTP Servers [Free]
Based on the Apache HTTP Server but with IBM enhancements (e.g., added SSL for secure transactions). Platform: Linux, AIX, HP-UXSolaris, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

Jigsaw [Free]
Jigsaw is written totally in Java and works within an object-oriented framework. Platform: Any system that supports the Java Development Kit (JDK).

PoPToP [Free]
PoPToP is the PPTP server solution for Linux (ports exist for Solaris 2.6, OpenBSD and FreeBSD and others). Platform: Linux / Unix.

Roxen WebServer [Free]
Roxen WebServer is a full-featured open-source web server distributed under the GPL license. Platform: Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X, Windows.

StWeb [Free]
StWeb (the Stratos Web Application Server) is an Apache based HTTP server integrated with Stratos application server. It provides a way to integrate browser, server, and database technologies into Internet/Intranet applications. Platform: Linux / Unix.

thttpd [Free]
A tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server that is simple, small, portable, fast and secure. The ACME Labs http://www.acme.com/ have developed several other very small HTTP servers, including micro_httpd and mini_httpd. Platform: Linux / Unix.

Xitami [Free]
It is a small, fast, stable and powerful multiplatform Open-source web server that can handle many virtual hosts with relatively low CPU usage. Platform: Linux / Unix.

The WN Server [Free]
Its primary design goals are security, robustness, and flexibility, and in that order. Platform: Linux / Unix.

HTTPi is small, lightweight on system resources, speedy and fully extensible. It is written in Perl. Platform: Linux / Unix.

RapidSite is not a Web server per se; rather, it is a virtual hosting service that runs on a personalized version of Apache. It is a popular alternative to purchasing a dedicated Web server. Platform: Independent.

Sun ONE Web Server
Sun ONE Web Server (formerly iPlanet Web Server - Enterprise Edition), is one of the most secure and highly available Web servers on the market. Worldwide, 24x7 product support. Platform: Linux / Unix, Windows.

Zeus Web Server
A feature-rich, Unix-based, load-balanced Web server, Zeus is scalable and high performance. It is provides business-critical solutions for some of the world's leading web hosting, content provider and secure e-commerce companies. Platform: Linux / Unix.

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