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Text-Terminals on Linux


16.18 Browsers for Text-Terminals

The "lynx" browser works correctly with all text terminals. There are some other text browsers: "w3m", "links", and "elinks" that only work perfectly with the Linux console, xterm, or vt100 terminals. The "netrik" browser requires a color terminal. For "links" and "elinks" you must set your terminal to 8-bits with no parity (I've filed a bug report since it should work with parity but years have gone by and no response). All (including netrik ??) support ssl (secure socket layer) for encoded communication.

"w3m", "links", and "elinks" overcome some of the "lynx" deficiencies. "elinks" is just a more advanced "links". They can usually display tables better and can display frames side-by-side. Unfortunately, the width of what they try to display (for tables and frames) is often wider than the terminal width so the text may run off the right side of the screen. This requires scrolling sideways to see everything. Doing this may cause the names of the table rows to disappear from the screen. So in some cases, using "lynx" may be better.

Unfortunately "w3m", "links", and "elinks" don't have numbered links like lynx does, nor do they have good support for cookies. None of the text browsers as yet have good support for Javascript, but some are allegedly working on it (as of 2003). Links and netrik currently have only partial support for Javascript.

There are still other text browser projects. Some of them seem to be dead.

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