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Games for Ubuntu Linux


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There are a large number of games that can be played on Ubuntu. A partial list is given below:

  • Americas Army: Free First Person Shooter (FPS) by the United States Armed Forces.
  • Chromium: Fight enemy space ships.
  • Doom 3: A science-fiction horror first-person shooter game set in 2145 in the Union Aerospace.
  • Enemy Territory: Free multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) game using Quake technology with World War II settings.
  • Frozen Bubble: Shoot colorful bubbles.
  • Neverball: Roll a ball through an obstacle course.
  • Rushing Bender: A futuristic single and a multiplayer racing game.
  • SuperTux: 2D jump and run side-scroller game, similar to the original SuperMario games.
  • Tux Racer: Downhill penguin racing.
  • Tremulous: 3D SciFi fighting game.
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